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Q. Can I change the schedule (date or time of my flight)?

A. Yes, you can.

Q. Do you charge any additional fee if I reschedule my flight?

A. Yes. You will have to pay:

Airline Amendment Fee (charged by the airline)

The fare difference between the old and new schedule

Flight on Mobile rescheduling fees of RS.300 per person per sector

Flight on Mobile charge no fee for convenience 

Q. If the new booking fare is lower than the one I’ve already paid, will I get a refund from Flight on Mobile?

A. Yes. Flight on Mobile will refund the difference back to your account.

Q. Can I reschedule only one leg of the itinerary?

A. Yes, you can reschedule only one leg of your journey when you have not

already traveled any sector in the current itinerary, or

Cancelled any sector in your itinerary.

Q. Can I reschedule a special roundtrip fare booking?

A. Yes, you can reschedule special roundtrip fares bookings online for the complete booking. However, the rescheduling of an individual (onward or return) leg will not be allowed as per airline policies.

Q. Can I reschedule a booking that includes an infant?

A. Yes, you can. In that case, the entire booking for all the passengers would have to be rescheduled along with the infant. Partial reschedule isn’t possible online. In case you want to go ahead with the partial rescheduling, please call our customer support on +91 9560243011

Q. How many times can I make changes to my booking online?

A. At present, you can make changes only once online. For subsequent schedule changes, please call us at +91 9560243011

Q. Till what time can I reschedule flights online?

A. Online changes are permitted up to 24 hours prior to departure of the flight.

Q. Will I be able to print my new e-tickets online?

A. Yes, you can print your new e-tickets online

Q. Will I get an invoice for the amount paid for the amended ticket?

A. Yes, the invoice for the amended ticket will be sent to your email

Q. Can I cancel the rescheduled booking online?

Yes, you can cancel a rescheduled booking online

Q. Can I reschedule my international bookings online?

A. At this moment, rescheduling can be done only for domestic (travel within India) bookings. Please call us at +91 9560243011 for rescheduling international flight bookings.